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Originally Posted by Talker View Post
I can't speak for other fans, I don't know their criteria.

For me, as I looked into Laver's career he has dropped in status.

The historians here do a fine job BTW.

His 200 title wins are the standard for total titles overall, but a feat like that is unachievable, and somewhat not comparable to today with the official ATP tourneys. The great players of today simply don't enter that many tourneys every year so they can't really rack them up like guys in the past did (hell Connors and Lendl's title counts is likely to remain unchallenged with the current ATP standards). Never mind larger fields and organization (pretty sure some of Laver's titles are 2-3 matches tourneys, exos that get counted anyway)

The 3 out of 4 on grass is also something that i wasn't aware at first. Granted supposedly different types of grass, but not the Grand Slam I envisioned (grass, clay, hardcourt) but hey that was a different standard back then.
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