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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
You also have remember that the media loves to promote today's game and of course the focus will be on the present players, as it should be. They are the now. However just because they don't discuss Laver doesn't mean he's dropped in status.
I think out of all the legendary players, he is one who has really been featured quite a lot in recent years if you think about it. With Fed's quest to GOAThood and him setting/surpasing records, commentators often throw legends of the past into convos, and Laver's name pops up a lot, even a few notable interviews as well, there was that one at the AO this year with Fed and Laver together with the commentators. Weird though Laver kind of got a media bump, but people like Rosewall barely ever get mentioned, and that dude is legit too, his longevity beats that of Connors.
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