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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
I know he won, just at first i was picturing a different GS
I understand. You should check out some of the incredible information some of the tennis history books have about the past. Some info is quite amazing.

I often like to check out other sports to see what happened in the past. You read about the legends in any sport but you like to check out the stats to see if they match the stories written about them. Some were disappointing and some actually exceeded their legend. Bill Tilden was one who exceeded what I expected for example. For example Tilden won approximately 98% of his matches during his best years and won more than half his tournaments entered during his entire career. And Tilden lost a lot in his last years. In football players like Otto Graham surprised me with how dominant they were. Babe Ruth in baseball more than lived up to his legend and he didn't do steroids.
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