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Originally Posted by Razoredge View Post
What do you guys think? If Tsonga had won and Djokovic didn't would he have went on to accomplish better things than he has so far? More slams, number 1, etc?

I think that final might've been more important than we think..
didn't tsonga have a lot of bad injuries early in his career? I think this is one of his biggest problems. he does have the talent but he is kinda injury prone. what really makes a player better is being able to train and play for years without an injury break. that way you can improve all the time.

He would still have those injuries had he won that final (see DP who also won at didn't went on to dominate as did safin who also was a young winner). an early slam win is no guarantee for success although it does boost confidence.

however in the last two years he really managed to stay healthy which helped his game a lot. he is probably not going to win a slam as the big 4 are so good but he did raise his level of play and consistency. if he manages to stay healthy and fit he might have a chance claiming the 5th spot.
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