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Default Your difficult question

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I"m no scientist, but rather a dumb artist.
I assume foot back means platform stance?
Since I played back in the late '70's, I use pinpoint to get to net, with my momentum already started. I get to net late.
Edberg, Rafter, and Cash get to net early and deep, as did McEnroe. They all had slow serves compared to their peers.
Dr.Ivo, Roddick, and Milos have fast serves. They seldom get within 2' of their service line by the time they are forced to volley...talking first flat serves.
Now, is a moving start with feet together quicker than a static start with feet apart?
For sure, a wide reciever would choose feet apart, but he's required to be static stopped before the ball is hiked.
A base stealer in baseball needs BOTH to insure a stolen base.
the full text has the following piece

"According to Elliott
and Wood (1983), some players bring the back foot
up to the front foot prior to pushing backward and
downward (‘‘foot-up [FU] technique’’), whereas the
others leave the rear foot back during the early
movement of the racquet and then swing this foot
around and forward prior to impact (‘‘foot-back [FB]
I am NOT sure whether it will help
I do NOT think "foot back" is exactly pinpoint
but it close
I can investigate but it will take time
because I am slow.
Please let me know that you saw this post

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