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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Borg was still very young (25) when he stopped playing so it's probably his lifetime winning percentage would have gone up for a number of years. Probably would have started declining after his early thirties. We also have to take into account he started very young and lost a lot more than he should have (considering his talent) in the beginning. So I think his lifetime winning percentage probably would have ended up to around what it is now, which is perhaps the highest in tennis history. It's actually higher than what the ATP has officially because they didn't count many tournaments like some WCT tournaments and others.

Incidentally Borg in my opinion is clearly superior to Sampras. He was just a far more dominant player. It is just not close if you look at all the numbers objectively. All Sampras has going for him over Borg is the number 14 and that's in 52 tries. Borg has the number 11 but that was in 27 tries. Borg won 106 tournaments by age 25. Sampras won 64. Borg averaged over a 90% winning percentage for five years. Sampras NEVER did that in one single year.
wtf 106 tourneys? wtf? Did he play every 2nd day of the week?
I was familiar of the 64 number of titles though that's still crazy good.

Why only 2 year ending titles though?
The tour needs Del Potro to be back and playing healthy
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