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One way is to close the racquet-face, which lowers the launch trajectory AND generates even more spin. So if Drak was hitting with more speed and spin high over the net, he could hit with even more spin lower over the net. A fast shot with more spin on a lower trajectory is not a sitter, it's a heavy ball.
I respect your posts corners but you can only close the racquet face so much before the ball starts feeling like its sliding off the strings rather than embedding properly. Even with an APDC you can only flatten the ball out so much because you can only ever work against the design and drill pattern of the racquet to certain degree. It's never going to produce the type of the ball that say a closed 6.1 is going to produce.

Nadal is an animal. Anyone who's ever had the pleasure of watching him courtside knows that he absoutely crushes the ball. I've never seen any pro that hits a ball that's as heavy as he does. The power he generates is immense, with the ball rising, then diving, embedding before shooting forward and rising rather than dipping beyond the baseline. I don't think that anyone who plays with the 99S is going to produce anywhere near the same amount of power than he does, so any ball produced is always going to have a different, more of an up/down trajectory. I could be wrong, but I just can't see it happening.

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