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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
So, I guess this is a dumb question, which I am hoping someone can answer.

But, I keep seeing two scenarios constantly going on:

1) On TRN, a player who is from a foreign country plays sectionals and zonals and regionals.

2) On TRN, a player who says they are from here and plays sectionals and zonals here ,
but plays ITFs with another country's name for easier access to the ITF's in this country.

My question is are sectionals and zonals and even regionals open to juniors from other countries?

( excluding Canada from this discussion).

You need to define more precisely what you mean by "from another country". If you mean not a US Citizen then yes. If you mean random foreign tourist - then no.
For example this is from Winter Nationals Website in Arizona:
This event is restricted to the following Jr. players: U.S. Citizens; Permanent Resident Aliens; Diplomats, Refugees/Asylees; CTA and Canadian Residents of BC. Refer to USTA Regulation III.A.2a.

Sectionals and Zonals follow the same rules - check your sectionals web site.
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