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Originally Posted by tacou View Post
This is actually interesting, especially seeing Sam win it twice.

You have to assume it will stay with the top 4 most of the time, like everything else, because they usually win the tournament or lose to one of the other top guys--and even when they are upset, the surprise HWC usually loses to a top player and the cycle repeats
It would provide journeymen with something to play for when they come up against seeds in the early rounds. To them 7 wins needed to win a slam must seem like an endless highway but being one win away from winning the belt may just motivate them enough to have a real crack and maybe cause an upset. They can then have their 15 minutes of fame. Imagine an AO wildcard knocking off Djok in the 1st round and claiming the belt? After the match he gets to hold up the belt and then drape it over his shoulder as he leaves the arena. What a thrill for him. He'll lose it eventually within the fortnight but at least he can say he held the belt, even if for a couple of days.
That is all.
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