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I'm not answering for Ash, just making some observations...

Originally Posted by julian View Post
there are 2 issues left:
1.what is amount of side spin for 1hbh vs 2hbh?
The good 1HBH players I have faced do have a lot of sidespin, comparable to forehands. They all drag the racquet to the ball by the handle and whip the ball, just like forehands, which would seem to provide an explanation.

Quote: it possible for incorporate elements of ATP forehand
into 2bh?
If yes what are possible implications?
If have tried to "touch" item #2 somewhere above
I believe the answer is an unqualified "yes", and I have always believed this is how the pros approach it. I don't know what kind of implications you are looking for, but the main one that occurs to me is that the 2HBH has the potential to be as good as a forehand. The drawbacks, of course, are that the main muscles involved in the 2HBH belong to the weaker and less coordinated side of the body, and the stabilizing influence of the dominant hand is offset by the resulting restriction on the range and degrees of freedom of motion. Note, this is a comparison with the forehand, and not the 1HBH.
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