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I thought my friends and I were the only people to use "klassy" in this sense. I heart Clarky.

PokerStars is seriously embarrassing. One of their videos with Rafa has some guy supposedly teaching Rafa how to play poker. If Rafa couldn't (can't?) even play the game, why on earth is he endorsing it?! And if you combine his PokerStars endorsement with his Kia endorsement, he's looking seriously... low rent.And this is possibly the least sexy picture I've ever seen (although the hair is, as always, fabulous):

I agree with all of this. Why Nadal accepts such low class sponsorships is something I will never understand. He must be greedy for the money because why else would he slap him name on something like PokerStars? It's embarrassing for him and for his fans.
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