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I'm 63 years old. Never been married, so have had a few g/f's.
By my third year of tennis, I'd already had 3 tennis playing g/f's, well, one was only 3 dates, but we were regular practice partners even a year after our dating.
I've been playing tennis for 27 odd years since. Still single, still 5'11" and just under 150 lbs., still blabbly and outgoing, still tan and somewhat fit. And still single. Yes, Kiteboard says I look like Yoda from StarWars. He also drools over my current g/f.
Just like in my windsurfing career, a fit, slim, outgoing single guy can get all the girls that they want. It's no secret. I'm usually a better choice than a fat, out of shape old fart who's set in his life's ways. I can adapt and adopt, and sports IS my life, not work and career.
No, I will never date what you guys call a "10". I know that, and I can accept that.
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