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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
so as to increase awareness of posture, yes it could eventually help tennis but placing a pipe against spine does basically nothing in correcting posture. in fact it could as well have negative effect.

posture is an extremely complex subject. one basic nature of it is the relaxed state posture and doing something posture are very different. but the relaxed state posture has huge implication for the dynamic posture. the pipe thing applies more to the relaxing posture but still not for everyone. dynamic posture cannot be approached by appearance or externally. I don't think the method that helpful for posture.
Very narrow view of the vid imo above.
The main point of the vid was to discuss the range of a neutral spine, I can see
how you got there without the article that goes with it. One of the quotes,
"Neutral spine isn’t necessarily a singular, static position that your spine never,
ever, ever moves from. Neutral spine is a range."
Also I didn't suggest that anyone needed to be in the position with every swing of
the stick, but asked could it be helpful in training & exercises.
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