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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
Right, because it would be impossible for a player to make a bad call, and for that person's partner to not see it (either clearly or at all)? In that case, yes it would be wrongful to group you in with the cheater, and I would think that a reasonable person would understand that on the other side of the net. The unreasonable ones are the one that say "They cheat" instead of he cheats because they ASSUME that the partner had a good enough look to overrule the partner.
I think you miss the built in assumptions in this. It is a given that the one player
made a clear bad call that you clearly saw. If you didn't see it and know it's incorrect,
there is no reason to correct or overrule now, is there?
If you saw it and know it to be incorrect, then you are a cheater if you don't get it corrected.

Personally I like the approach of talking with your partner and letting him do the correction.
If he refused, then I would have to award the point to the opponents based on our disagreement,
without saying he was wrong. I'd just say I saw it differently, thus the point was theirs.
As SA has suggested many times....the eyes can lie to you.
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