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Originally Posted by TommieF View Post
Have you heard of any plan to allow two 5.0 guys on the adult 4.5 team? Why allow 5.5's to play with 5.0 but not let the adult 4.5 league have two 5.0's?
I believe the idea is for the "plus" leagues to be at the top-level available as a way to have league playing opportunities for those one level "too high".

So, if the highest league available is a 5.0 league, it becomes a 5.0+ league and 2 5.5s are allowed to be rostered and play per the earlier described rules. But because there is a 5.0 league for 5.0 rated players to play in, there is no need to make the 4.5 league a 4.5+.

If the highest league available is 4.5, then it could be a 4.5+ league to give the 5.0s that don't have a league an opportunity to play.
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