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Lee, Just checking back. I have a question for you. I am a fairly athletic and strong 4.0 and had a match last nite with a skinny guy 4.0-4.5 who played with an old Wilson Hammer OS 6.2. He's very fast, basically has short strokes, last minute, and can really forearm the ball past you--flat low and hard--amazing.

l have longish strokes, all courter, and normally play an upweighted prestige pro 12.2 oz but recently bought a microgel radical OS which I have upweighted to 11.6 oz. I bought that OS because I have run across a few players that I just cant get around on, they pick their shots late as possible and rifle it.

Last nite I played one of these guys. I used my Radical OS, and hung with him but really shortened my strokes because of lack of time. A couple of times I could just throw the racket out there and came up with some amazing shots--just punch blocks.

This has me thinking, usually I see 3.0s and oldsters using the head heavy lightweight OS racquets. Is there something to the idea of better players using a head heavy light OS racquet and short punchy strokes--and letting go of the idea of body turn, loading, etc?? Or is this guy just an anomaly?
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