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Originally Posted by PhrygianDominant View Post
He is one of the highest ranked of the new young guys. I just wish, for that same very reason, he had an original take on the game, something we hadn't seen before. I just think he isn't realizing his own potential because he is trying to shoehorn somebody else's solutions to technical problems into his game and onto his body. Thusly he is denying us the pleasure of seeing something new, and uniquely his. His copying of Federer, is thereore lame. I don't trust it, and I don't like it.

Harsh though it may be, it's just the opinion of a weekend hacker. He's a big boy, he can handle it.
Like Federer didn't copy Pete on some things.

There's nothing wrong with copying if you can play that way. If you're forcing it, then no, it won't work. It's not like he sucks, he'd beat everyone on this forum without even thinking about it... unless you ran him around until he cramped up. lol

He needs better conditioning and to learn not to kill himself running for every shot. It's like he tries to play like Fed, but retrieve like Nole. It won't work. That's why Fed won so many matches and still does. He plays smart. You won't see him run after every single ball if it's not a decisive point. Grigor runs after EVERYTHING and that's what's ruining his matches.
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