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Default T22 lover. Need recommendation for similar replacement.

My current pair of T22's are nearing the end of their life and it's time to replace them. Went to the TW site and they're out of out of my size in all colors. In fact almost all online retailers that carry them are out of my size.

I called Tennis Warehouse to see what was up and while they didn't know for sure that the shoe had been discontinued, they did say the company is doing some restructuring and it currently doesn't look like they will be getting any more T22's.

This is a real bummer for me. I have weird feet and tried four or five different shoes before I found the T22, which fits me just right and I've been using them for two years.

Anyone out there who used to be a T22 user who could point me to something with a similar fit (especially the wide toe box and low-ish arch)?
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