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Originally Posted by bobbything View Post
Sorry, that link above doesn't work (Tennis link is cumbersome). Here is the direct link to the match referenced...

(edited out link in case you want to delete it later)
The guy played Futures. Of course he cant self-rate at 4.5. "Futures" level for all intents and purposes is "touring pro" level. He was even a rated junior, he did well in college and then tried futures. There are a lot of D1 players who dont even try futures.

He should have played two matches and let the YER come out

Originally Posted by kylebarendrick View Post
A D1 player could not self rate at 5.0. An appeal to 4.5 would be unlikely to be granted (although I'll admit that stranger things have happened).

There really are players out there that can beat the tar out of top line 4.5s. 3-strikes DQs do result in matches being overturned.
A D1 player can most definitely self-rate as 5.0, so long as that player isnt considering tennis as a profession. There are a lot of "5.0's" who played D1 college who go on to become something not related to sports.

In the case of the OP, the player in question was not only a "ranked" junior, but also playing in multiple futures events post college.

His highest level of play is "post college" which to me means "touring pro".

Also, the penalty for a dynamic DQ is not the same in every situation.


1) The 3rd strike match and all further matches at that level are DQ'ed from play.

2) All previous matches to the 3rd strike match are DQ'ed.

It's not supposed to be all of them.

Also, if the DQ occurs at another level of play besides the ones that earned the DQ, nothing happens. (Guy is a 4.5 playing 5.0, get's 3 wins, DQ'ed out of 4.5, but all wins at 5.0 still count).

*They put this "restriction" in there so that situations like the OP's cant be used as an advantage to a person/team filing a grievance.
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