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Default Scoliosis.....

I found out that I have mild to moderate scoliosis..... I've heard it from doctors before, but for every doctor that said I had it, there was another doctor who said I didn't. And now it was finally confirmed by a specialist... I'm not overly worried about it; just what sort of exercises would help prevent it from getting worse? I'm thinking I should use my left hand more to build up muscle on that side, since I'm right handed, but I'm not sure what tennis specific exercises/stretches would help. On the other hand James Blake had/has scoliosis.... And people with scoliosis tend to live 2% longer than normal people..... I'm going for an X-ray this weekend. I love how I find this out NOW, just in time for the Orange Bowl. I'm not going to let it distract me, just play even harder. TIA.
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