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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post

I would strongly suggest practicing getting those slices better. I had to do a drill with my coach where he gave me those balls and I had to basically come really low under them and "throw them into a corner" with topspin. Once you come in to the net, you don want to be running backwards. You want to keep moving forward and end the point.

What I like to do sometimes is hit a drop shot, and the guy attacking it is prone to slicing it back DTL, I will get ready for that and get there for it early. It sets up a pretty easy CC lob for a winner.
Haha I wish I could "throw" it into the corner with topspin. Easier said than done but I agree this is a shot that will take some practice to deal with. I'll get on a ball machine tomorrow and practice moving quickly to these shorter slices. I feel like if I'm moving well the rest of my game also does well and vice versa, and him making me lunge forward for short slices just hurt my movement and game overall. The drop shot idea is a good one though, I never thought of that.

LeeD's approach is one I have thought of already, and I will try it next time. I have a pretty good slice on both sides which helps. I just feel like I'm letting him bring me out of my comfort zone with me coming to the net that often, but it doesn't look like there is really away around it.

I guess another way to solve this problem is to avoid it altogether. He has a weak second serve which if I attack I can dictate the point with my groundstrokes right off the bat
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