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Originally Posted by PED View Post
I understand the desire of a great player to play in la liga or serie A but I think those leagues are much more biased to home grown players. One of the strengths of the pl over the years is the influx of foreign talent, the clubs are about winning, no matter what your country of origin is.

I think about some of the english exports who went overseas the last few years and never really were fully valued: Owen and Becks to name two. Capello claimed he would never play Becks again but he ended up relenting and they won the title. All Owen did when he played was score but never really got a look in.

If I'm Bale, I'd stay where I'm paid well and more importantly, valued highly.
Well he can keep his own house if he wants to be Cole's replacement next season maybe not.

I see Benitez is dropping Oscar tomorrow, he thinks the squad is too small in numbers to compete every game. I wonder if Abramovich will back him and fix that in January.
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