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Originally Posted by tennisforlife77 View Post
Its a tough case to make at this point - almost none of the 64 draws filled up - in some cases there were less than 20 kids playing - this was a result of the USTA in their infinite wisdom slashing the points for the level 3's - they succeeded in scaring off all those horrible points chasers and in the process pretty much killed off the level 3's. As an example one of the level 3's over Labor Day in the boys 12's had only 8 players! This is just another example of the shambles that has been created by the USTA over National Junior competition. If it wasn't so tragic it would be comical!
You must be talking about 12s.

In 14s, 16s & 18s there are (were) waiting lists (some of them large).

The other thing i notice about the 12s, are the ridiculous sites they've chosen. Midland TX in July, Rapid City in the Sept?, Park City in Jan? No wonder they don't fill up.

Tennis5, thanks for this info, is there a link for this change? I also think it's a shame they're taking away an L3 that a kid can try to play up prior to aging up, or can actually get into his first 6 mos after aging up.

Not to mention, some of these tourneys are old historic tournaments (like the "Texas Open")

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