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Originally Posted by bkpr View Post
Obviously it's just me, but I have absolutely no idea what LeeD is talking about Who id DJ?

Thanks for the link. In the video there is essentially no wrist 'snapping' happening at all, it's more of a side movement or rotation, which after doing a few shadow strokes, feels quite natural. Trying to snap the wrist as I described tires out the top of my hand quickly. I guess I don't snap the wrist the way I thought I did, and maybe my partner thinks he's snapping when he's really rotating.

I'll keep that video in mind when I'm hitting next.
Thanks for your advice.
I'm glad you liked the video and seem to have a good idea what the motion actually is.

I like you came up with your own terminology - "side movement", "rotation".

Interestingly Jim McLennan calls this movement "forearm rotation" when speaking about it in the serve.
The Pete Sampras Snap http://www.essentialtennisinstructio...-sampras-snap/

Probably the most common term you will hear for this term is "pronation".

Bruce Elliot and Brian Gordon, Ph.D. did the pioneering work to show that internal rotation at the shoulder is responsible for the whole arm rotating - it is not just the wrist or forearm - and the main forces that cause that whole arm rotation come from the shoulder area.

Obviously as the whole arm rotates, the forearm and wrist does so as well.
This probably explains why some emphasize the feeling that it is the wrist that is "snapping" around, while others feel the forearm rotation is dominant - but the whole arm is rotating.
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