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Originally Posted by Wolfdale View Post
Hi guys,

I'm currently using a Barricade 6 that is giving me blisters and leg pain. I don't really like the Barricades, so buying a 7.0 is out of question. Apart from comfort, I'm really looking for fast shoes.

Up to now I've tried (on stores) the CB 4.3, which I really liked (I felt that I could reach any ball, like Nadal), as well as the Asics GR4, that I found fantastic but not did fit perfectly in any size. Also tested the Vapor 9, I did like it, although I didn't think it was fantastic. The main factor that appeals to me so much in the Vapor 9 is that Federer uses it.

So I'm taking great care choosing my next pair of shoes, since here in Brazil a Vapor 9 costs as much as 215 dollars, so buying more than one pair is impossible. I need durable shoes, that can last 5 days a week of playing, 4 hours a day.

Thank you very much for the help!
Word to the wise: the Barricade 6's are awful. The Barricade 7 is a completely different shoe and fits like a glove, but it seems to have less heel cushioning, so beware on that account.

CB 4.3 = awful Nike lacing system designed to fall apart before the sole wears out... My 3.3s (same lacing system) both had that happen, and I literally poked holes through the upper so I could continue wearing them. Boycotting Nike, even though I love their shoes, until they change that part of the shoe.

Asics = no idea. That's my next stop, probably.
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