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Originally Posted by KayFactor View Post
I want to be able to control this forehand drive shot.
So basically, for more net clearance, I get the racket under the ball more when I set up. Sothe more the racket is the under the ball, the more net clearance and vice versa? And when getting under the ball more, I'm still maintaining what FEELS like a straight swingpath to the ball, but it is actually traveling diagnolly which achieves the topspin. Right?
Yes, for more net clearance, come to contact from below the ball more...

Yes, feel like you are going straight to the ball with the butt cap, but NO, it's
not so diagonal at that point yet. As you approach the ball with the butt cap,
the hand starts to move more across on a tighter arc (while still going low to
high or upwards)
This up and across drags the racket face to the ball on a diagonal, giving a
slight side aspect to the topspin.
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