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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
Likewise Chopra, who's really well into a second career that his little to do with science. Sure, he uses and abuses scientific jargon at times, but what philosopher or religious zealot doesn't.
That he deviates from standard eastern dogma is immaterial; his own explanation of things is not necessarily any less legitimate than anyone else's.
Legitimate from what standpoint? From the point of view of a man's right to freedom of speech? From the point of view of a man's lawful right to his own livelihood in whatever manner he chooses? Yes, of course. It is his right to say and do whatever he wants. It is mine to claim that he is, nevertheless, either fraudulent or delusional, and that his views have no basis in observable reality.

Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
But what is his (Deepak's) own explanation?
He doesn't have one. He has what can only be described as an obfuscation. In a less civilized but altogether more accurate vein, one may say that Deepak Chopra is full of shit.

Originally Posted by sureshs
He injects spirituality and mysticism into his work and uses words like "quantum" in inappropriate situations.
Yes, he routinely invokes quantum theory and non-local phenomena and claims that these prove the existence of the soul or the infinite or some silly thing like that. He has shown repeatedly, under scrutinizing questions from physicists, that he does not understand even a whit of quantum mechanics yet he shamelessly appropriates terms from it, with the deliberate aim of misleading the public. And the public is, mostly, ready to be misled.

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