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Originally Posted by tennisenthusiast View Post
charliefederer - Thanks for your reply. Is it advisable to increase the weights upto 5 pounds for thrower's ten exercises as I have heard that increasing weights do not give enough "exercise" to smaller muscles? Is that still valid?
Good question.

If you are having pain, do not increase the weight.

But most would agree that going up to 5 pounds slowly would be safe.

Athlete Performance and Fitness Training:
"Use 5 pound dumbbells for every rotator cuff exercise. Going over 5 pounds will cause larger muscles like the deltoids, to begin firing. Firing the deltoids will deplete the effectiveness of a true rotator cuff workout."

The Pitching Academy
"It is important to note that pitchers are not weight lifters. An athlete’s objective here is not to see how much weight they can lift while doing these exercises. In fact, most athletes start with 3 lbs weights. It is recommended that no more than 10 lbs. should be used while performing the following exercises. Most high school and collegiate athletes use 5 lbs. And feel it is sufficient weight for them. I have never used more than 5 lbs dumbbells and I am 6’4’ 225 lbs."

Sports Fitness Advisor
"Keep to a weight of 2-5 lbs (1-2kg) maximum. Complete 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions for the following exercises in the order below."

"The muscles of the rotator cuff are very small. Even if you're pushing five bills on the bench press you'll still be using five-pound dumbbells for many rotator cuff exercises. So leave your ego at the door!"
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