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Default Too Many Choices Now!

Today I finally got around to stringing up a Prince O3 speedport black, a 100" mid-plus racquet that needed the speedport grommets and was unstrung when I bought it on the Bay, for around $25, shipped if i remember correctly.
I had it strung up with a hybrid of Pro's Pro Vendetta mains and Gamma synthetic gut on the crosses @ 54lbs mains X 58lbs cross's as recommended by my stringer, Michael.
It felt SO good, plenty of punch and control, with NO vibration, even without a dampener! It fit's perfectly between the Fischer M-Pro no.1 and my Babolat Y105, with Power for the Fischer, heaviest at 375 gm strung low, @ 43LBS mains X 40lbs crosses and lightness and maneuverability of the Babolat strung with BBO 47lbs mains X 45lbs crosses, weighing in at about 305gm, after my customizing.
The Prince weighs 305 unstrung and without any customizing and is 8 points head light, only 2 points less than my others, after stringing!
Now my former, original favorite racquet, a '10 Wilson K-Factor Bold, strung with factory Wilson syn-gut, @ 58lbs. that helped bring my game back from the grave, sits un-used.
Maybe a new string job may pumps a little life back into it and give me more options, or be one of the racquets that I give to the kids in my neighborhood, that I am helping get into the game by providing racquets to use and eventually keep, if they fall in love with the game.
I've given away 41 racquets now, to kids and teen along with a few parents, for free, bought on the Bay for pennies on the dollar, or donated by generous seller that like what I'm doing and want to help out.
Not all of them have turned into prodigies that i continue training, but I know that one they have a taste of the game, later on they might just start playing again, later on in life.
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