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Originally Posted by Razoredge View Post
What do you guys think? If Tsonga had won and Djokovic didn't would he have went on to accomplish better things than he has so far? More slams, number 1, etc?

I think that final might've been more important than we think..

No, no no.

This isn't acting. Tsonga isn't Meghan Fox, and if she never landed Transformers, she probably wouldn't have the type of success she's having now. There's your analogy.

Dear god, why are people writing threads like this where you compare future accomplishments to past results. Tsonga also doesn't have a diary where he laments about how much that loss has affected him to the point where he can't win anything or achieve anything now. What he can get, he gets. Where he can't achieve is what he puts into it. This thread is a serious eye roll. Why are people writing stuff like this. No college education here?

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