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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
by 'popping up' are you saying a lob?
and are you saying a righty could pop it up to a righties fh on a running fh?

most running forehands go back crosscourt which for righties would be to their stronger wing. that's the best shot in that situation.
Put yourself in the opponent's shoes. You just hit a wide FH and your opponent is running off court. What shot do you want him to hit back to you? I want him to hit a hard CC so I can quickly hit the open court so that he will have no chance of getting to it.

One thing I have learned in tennis is to not give my opponent his preferred shots to work with. I certainly don't want to help him beat me. If he pulls me off court he is getting a topspin moonball high and deep to his BH in response.
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