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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
Well, I guess I need to call USRSA.
Stringer's Digest says to refer to notes for the Ambush.
Maybe there's more than one Missile or there was a printing mistake, wouldn't be the first time.
I missed that about the tubes, sorry.
If I had the racquet in front of me, I probably would've called USRSA right away.

I've never had a problem with 40' sets, either.
Just don't try it with a 38' Ektelon set.
I had to call E-Force on a warranty issue, and I inquired about the Missle pattern. They referred me to their MRT, Ron. There is no exact pattern for the Missle. He told me the mains are strung like the Stun, but the crosses are easier to figure out. He also told me that the patterns need to be updated on the website. The Missle is an entry level racquet for E-Force. I think there are about 4-5 shared patterns for E-Force. He also mentioned someone else recently called about the same pattern.
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