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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Put yourself in the opponent's shoes. You just hit a wide FH and your opponent is running off court. What shot do you want him to hit back to you? I want him to hit a hard CC so I can quickly hit the open court so that he will have no chance of getting to it.

One thing I have learned in tennis is to not give my opponent his preferred shots to work with. I certainly don't want to help him beat me. If he pulls me off court he is getting a topspin moonball high and deep to his BH in response.
Put yourself in the defender's shoes. The opponent has just hit a wide fh and you are running off court. What shot do you want to hit back? A risky low percentage down the line shot and pray for a winner? Pop up a high ball on the same side of the court leaving the other side of the court wide open and giving the opponent a no-brainer to go the open court and hope that your pop up is high and deep enough so that it doesn't become an easily attack-able chest high ball and hope your opponent doesn't force you to run all the way back to the other side of the court?
Hit it back to the middle of the court where the opponent is waiting and now has his pick or high percentage shots going either to the ad court, up the middle or crosscourt?

Or would you do the smart thing by choosing the high percentage shot which is to hit it back cross court preferably a 3/4 wide shot which gives you more court to hit into, gives you more margin for error, makes the opponent move out of the court which reduces his capacity for power and short selection and thereby forcing a smart opponent to now choose between either
1) the high percentage return which is going back crosscourt right to where you already waiting, giving yourself more time to recover, less area to recover back to and more time to setup, or
2) choosing a low percentage shot by attempting a down the line winner from their wide position?

One thing I've learned in tennis is to pick the correct shots for a given situation.

The correct shot in this situation is back crosscourt. Sure, everybody likes to hit the occasional highlight dtl winner at times but you miss those more often than not.

If you watch the pro's more than 90% of the time they are going 3/4 wide cc on a running forehand. The pro's play smarter tennis than we do so this is what we should emulate.
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