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Originally Posted by laurie View Post
Thanks guys.

Moose, that's an interesting point about the Australian Open. They have worked hard to get the tournament to the level it currently is.

I would love to see the tournament played in february but maybe Australians out there might inform us about weather issues? It just seems so soon after christmas to play such a big event.

On another issue, I still use terms like Italian Open, Canadian Open, German Open. I refuse to use those horrific terms like Rome Masters or Rogers Cup etc.
Late January and February is the hottest time of the year here in Melbourne. It would just be too hot for the players. There was also a push a few years ago to have the AO played in March. I'm not sure if non-Australians know this, but Melbourne is one of the event capitals of the world and has been voted the sporting capital of the world various times. In March, Melbourne hosts the Australian Air Show (every second year), The Australian Formula One Grand Prix which some people consider to be bigger than tennis grand slams on a global sporting scale, the Australian Motor Show, plus the AFL (which is to Melbourne what NFL is to the USA) kicks off in March. In addition to that, Melbourne has all these international comedy/jazz/food/screen festivals which are on between January to March. So the first three months in Melbourne is jammed packed with all these events, in particular, the AO and the F1 Grand Prix. I don't think there is a city in the world which has two monstrous international events so close to each other, and I don't think there would be enough hotels in Melbourne to accomodate all the tourists coming into the city.

Just on the comment about the Marlboro Australian Open, to the poster who stated that, you are correct, but the commentators used to refer to it as the "1.5 Million Dollar Marlboro Australian Open" lol.

Part of the problem with the AO was that it was shared around between cities, it never had a permanent home. Once it finally settled in Melbourne, it was only then that the wheels were put in motion to make it an event worth taking seriously. And today, it is the richest tennis event in the world. As for the question about what would happen to it if prizemoney was decreased, well that could apply to any tournament in the world, including W. If prizemoney was decreased, personally I don't think it would stop the players competing in it, well not the top players anyway. They have enough money, it's the title they want.
That is all.
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