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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Try it. Put a piece of board on a phone book and stand on it. Then put the same piece of wood on a pillow and see how unstable it is comparatively.
I just did an experiment. Try and stand up barefoot/in socks/in minimal shoes like Vivo Barefoot or Vibram FF if have them, and try to roll your ankle outwards to the point of pain. You (I) cant.
Then I put on my only pair of normal raised shoes. Admittedly they are regular black shoes, that I keep for when that is needed. I tipped my ankle outwards, and suddenly it got over the edge/tipping point of the sole, and I felt a sharp stinging pain. When you get over this point, the sole works as lever that multiply the forces working on the ankle/ligaments to the point were you get injuries. The samme happens when the edge of the raised sole catches the court/a line, the force is multiplied by the leverage. I guess we have all seen 1 or 2 slowmotion recordings of this happening, making us cringe.
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