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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
The thread question is:

Your most successful style/ strategy for wins in tennis?

Most players prefer pace. It's amazing how you can drill balls at guys and it comes back even harder. Throw up a puffer and all of a sudden the other guy can look lost out there.
Well said!

At low and mid level trying to blast an opponent off the court on every shot mostly results in balls coming back and you donating pts with UE eventually.

I find the following works well:

Consistency: first goal...get the ball over the net deep cross nothing else at low to mid level and against most impatient males who try to emulate Nadal you'll win

Variety: Show them different speeds, spins, and placement...don't let them develop any rythm...trying to blast every shot only makes them happy

Precise Placement: this is how you get a lot of high percentage winners at this level...keep the shot low below the net with no pace making your opponent run to return it...he'll usually flub it or cough up a floater while off balance on the run

Patient Pace: be patient and go for the big winners only on true opportunity balls in your strike zone and with your opponent out of position or off balance...otherwise you're incurring needless risk and serving as a ball machine for hitting practice...don't delude youself into thinking you're an ATP player! Do this with patience and you'll look a lot better than you really are thus demoralizing the opponent

In short, be a consistent pusher/retriever hitting deep cross court, serve up junk balls with great variety to generate UEs from opponent, and reserve your offensive big shots for high percentage situations to break your opponent's spirit while reducing your own UEs. Win ugly!
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