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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I think something else is going on.

Back in the day, etiquette had certain rules about invitations to events. If you realized you were not invited to something, you pretended this didn't bother you. You would never approach the host and ask why you weren't invited. Rude and awkward. By the same token, the host and other guests did not discuss the event in your presence to avoid rudeness and awkwardness.

Now we live in a time when it is OK to confront people, to get things off your chest, to be open, to assert your rights, to get closure. That leads people to ask why they weren't invited -- to weddings, to parties, to tennis teams.

It would be nice if folks could go back to just assuming that they cannot be invited to everything in life and accepting it.
If that were the root cause then I would think we would see the men doing the same thing, but we don't seem to be seeing that.
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