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Originally Posted by tennisforlife77 View Post
I'm not a fan of the changes but we may as well get the facts straight - in the 14's boys only 2 of the 8 draws filled up ( and one of them had less than 32) and in the 16's there were places available in 2 of the 8 locations...
I went ahead & clicked on a few of this year's draws. You're right. There were some not-full draws in 14s. 2 of them (OKC & in Colorado) had several openings, a couple of others only had one opening (sugesting maybe a last minute withdraw?).

Anyway, the ones i was familiar with (in FL & TX) were full up & as Tennis5 mentioned, it was the one tournament a year that 4 stars get to play national kids & 5 stars have a chance to compete their first 6 months of age up.

Not as big a deal (to me) as the proposed whacking of the Spring & Winter L1s, I just wish they'd quit fixing a splinter on the finger by amputating the whole arm. Instead of whacking the draws in half, move 3 or 4 of the locations to more populated areas. (or just cut the draws to forty eight).
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