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Default Exercise Bike Advice-No more Running/Singles Tennis...

Due to a recent injury and surgery* (see story below) I've been told that I should not be a runner or a singles tennis player in the future.

I am wanting to get an exercise bike to help with my physical therapy but also to use after that.

Can anyone explain the advantages and disadvantages of a recumbent versus an upright exercise bike?

Which is the recommended type for knee physical therapy?

Are there any specific models you can recommend?

Or would an elliptical machine be a better choice?

Thanks for any and all help you can give.


* I'll try to make a long story not so long: Injured myself playing tennis, family doc thought it was a sprained ligament, week later went to orthopaedic doc, took MRI, turned out to be cartilage damage.

Had Microfracture Surgery Monday, alot more damage in there than doc thought, pulled out 6 large pieces of cartilage, repaired a good bit more damaged cartilage in several places, made 7 holes in my bone (I watched the video and counted...ugh) to create a 'good' blood clot to hopefully form new cartilage.

Can't put any weight on the leg for at least 6 weeks, on a CPM machine now, and physical therapy will begin in January.

Doc said that I couldn't be a runner or a singles tennis player any longer. If I tried then I would be back in his office in 6 months having knee replacement surgery.

If the procedure worked, physical therapy went well, and a future MRI showed positive results, I should be able to play doubles again 8 to 15 months down the road.
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