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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I don't know. $30m for 5yrs is $6m per year.. That would be amongst Federer's biggest on-going deals from what I've read.

For that it's worth, his Nike deal is reputedly worth a lot more than $10m per year from what I've read - more like $15m (although, really, we can't be sure how it's formulated. I tend to think he's on a flat rate as Nike's marquee player - incentive based deals are usually for when the player needs the deal... in this case it's the other way around > Nike need the deal).
And itís no surprise, either Ė Rolex alone gives Federer $15 million. Thatís more than all of Novak Djokovicís endorsements combined.


Which is why I was wondering.. if a company like Rolex is paying him so much.. am sure LVMH should offer much more.. especially considering how federer is going out of his way in promoting alcohol..
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