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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
A spokesman for the defense said that although there were traces of ceramic in his forehead, the actual coroner's report reported cause of death as a heart attack. The man's heart was 4 times the normal size.

Lois Goodman also recently passed a defense administered polygraph test. Plus, the fact that they left the scene under the conclusion it was an accident for several days meant that the scene would be contaminated. I don't think DNA evidence (which her DNA apparently was not on the coffee mug) in her own home would be much proof.
Anything that comes from the defense lawyers is pure spin and not to be believed. No defendant has ever flunked a defense administered polygraph. The guys that do these tests have all the credibility of human vending machines or as they are sometimes called 'expert witnesses." And if the coroner's report had come back indicating a heart attack as the cause of death, the DA never would have filed charges.

Maybe he had a heart attack because she was beating the crap out of him with a coffee mug.

I conclude the fact the DA dismissed the charges without prejudice means they think she did it but don't think they have enough evidence to convict.
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