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Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
And as stated previously, it doesn't give you any useful info.

Red, Black? Please! ...

Other examples Signum Pro Poly Plasma, MSV Co-Focus, Babolat Revenge, Gosen Super Tec AK Pro. Just to name a few.

Names of numerous strings regardless of manufacturer don't give info. They're a name which in the marketing view needs to attract attention.
The name should be catchy etc.

The sad part is that this thread is getting derailed by nonsense... rate the string, not its name.
You're misunderstanding the point. With the exception of Hexablade, all Polyfibre strings are round +- some orange-peel coating. Other companies who are not even prominent on the radar market strings with pointless names because they're completely different. Solinco makes Tour Bite, Barb Wire and Revolution. One is a square, one is twisted, one is round. Incredibly easy to tell apart and they are given completely different descriptions. Signum Pro makes a huge amount of poly strings, but again, they're different. SPPP is their best known, made for control and is bright orange. SPPPure is the uncolored version of that. Tornado is twisted to hell and back for spin. Hyperion is marketed as the smooth variant of Tornado (both in the "Blackline" series). SPPHex is a hexagonal version of SPPP. They make some other ones, but I honestly can't remember what they are because they just market them generically. Polyfibre does that with all of their strings. I want to try PF poly strings, but since they make too many all with the exact same bumf, I have no idea where to even begin so I don't bother.
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