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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
I just did an experiment. Try and stand up barefoot/in socks/in minimal shoes like Vivo Barefoot or Vibram FF if have them, and try to roll your ankle outwards to the point of pain. You (I) cant.
Then I put on my only pair of normal raised shoes. Admittedly they are regular black shoes, that I keep for when that is needed. I tipped my ankle outwards, and suddenly it got over the edge/tipping point of the sole, and I felt a sharp stinging pain. When you get over this point, the sole works as lever that multiply the forces working on the ankle/ligaments to the point were you get injuries. The samme happens when the edge of the raised sole catches the court/a line, the force is multiplied by the leverage. I guess we have all seen 1 or 2 slowmotion recordings of this happening, making us cringe.
Try this, put on a boxing glove and punch yourself in the face as hard as you can. Then, remove the glove and punch yourself equally as hard in the face. Tough guys can try this same experiment with 2 punches to the groin.

My experiment has zero to do with shoes. I just giggled trying to picture this guy rolling his ankle on purpose. Figured he'd be a test dummy for me.
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