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Orantes was certainly at his best when he beat Connors in the 1975 US Open final. People thought that Orantes would be exhausted after that epic comeback win over Vilas in the semi finals, but the opposite happened, he was still riding high from the epicness of the semi final victory, and won the final easily.
In watching Orantes during the 1975 US Open, I felt at the time he was playing the highest quality tennis. I didn't go to the final that year but when the commentators favored Connors in the final (in retrospect it was totally logical) I was surprised because I didn't think Connors was playing nearly at Orantes's level. But I guess it was a combination of the Connors' greatness and taking into account the possible exhaustion of Orantes from the long semifinal against Vilas.

I also loved the way he toyed with Connors at the US Claycourts in 1977. It was such a great display of touch.
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