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Torres is crap. Benitez's tactics are horrid. Surely by now he should know what the rest of us have known for ages, which is that Obi is sh*t and isn't good enough to play for a my 5-a-side indoor team, let alone for Chelsea.

Re: Wenger, I think now's the time he needs to put principles aside so he can salvage a Champions League spot. If the reports that he's got $40 million at his disposal, he should drop all of that on 2 players MAX. See if he can bag a good striker and a midfielder to compliment Arteta and Carzola. I'd buy Isco and maybe see if Valencia would part with Banega. Someone along those lines who sits deep. Maybe bid 35 million for Kompany ? Or perhaps he should get a better Asian than Park, maybe Honda or see if he can get Sahin for next season?
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