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Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
I'd of been even more suprised than i was!
Did you watch it? I thought that as nice as Chelsea passed the ball about in the 1st half they were lacking any urgency and if it'd of been the hammers missing those chances i'd of bet my house on them loosing in the second half, I didn't however expect CFC to look as startled in the 2nd half as the Irons did in the 1st. A cliche but two very different halves, Coles' goal, (firstly) no i don't think it was a foul,I just really didn't think (was it Ivanovic?) seemed to want it, people never used to fall that easilly under a centre halves challenge I think he'd of dealt with it no problem if he'd of stood his ground. I want players to challenge for the ball and I didn't think the time Cole was bumped down in the pen area at the end of the first half was either.(Though i did shout at the tv when he just sat there thumping the ground, get up and chase the ball!) It looks like your keeper doesn't really trust his cenrtal defenders by soem of the decisions he made.
Think you'll sign Gerrard in the Jan window to supply TOrres?(I was sure he'd score against us!)
I thought we were great in the first half, it was surprising! The main problem was Torres, he had a couple of chances to kill the game and we should of probably had 3 by the break. A top striker would of also occupied the centre backs and given Moses, Hazard and Mata even more space and time to do things.

Diame was the huge difference in the end, Ramires and Mikel couldn't handle him. Worrying to think that they're our only 2 midfielders!

I thought Cole's goal was a foul, he did go over the top. Ultimately it didn't really matter, the result would of been the same.

I think firing Di Matteo and giving the job to Benitez could well be the worst decision made by Abramovich, and he's made plenty of bad ones. Benitez hates Chelsea, which we don't really have a problem with. We had a huge rivalry with Liverpool and it's natural he doesn't like us, just as we don't like him. It's just not going to work, not in a million years. You couldn't choose a worse option if you tried.
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