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Originally Posted by DAS2011 View Post
How long have you been using kevlar/poly setups? Its something I have been wanting to try but I've heard its rough on your elbow, so I've never actually done it.
Been using kevlar/poly for the last 6 years. IMO, racquet weighting is more of a contributor to arm issues than stringbed stiffness.

For 10 years, I played Prince Problend (stiffest type of Kevlar) at 80 lbs in the Wilson Profile 2.7 (84 RA stiffness). It had a SW of 350 and weighed nearly 13 oz. Never had an issue. But I playtested the 2013 Babolat APD in stock form with RPM Blast last week - that hurt my elbow on serves.
BLX Blade 98. 26.75". 13.195 oz., 12.55", 357 SW. 16x20 (outer mains skipped)
Pre-Stretched Ashaway Kevlar 16g/ZX Monogut Natural 16g, 90/40 lbs

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