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Originally Posted by prgault View Post
The OSs are strung with Gosen Polyon Comfort 17 @ 45#, an experiment in hopes of adding spin & power.

MPs are strung with Gosen OGSM 17 @ 52#.

I would appreciate suggestions re stringing. I have used lead in the past but while it did seem to help with depth, I didn't really like the feel.


I owned a pair of LM Radical MPs a while back and used them for about a year. Very exciting when I first got them because they were both lighter and softer than my old ProStaff 6.1 Classics. That made them seem super-cozy in the feel department and also nice and easy to whip around. Coming from my heavy, head-light 6.1's though, I soon put some lead on my Radicals to get them balanced more HL and also to stabilize their hoops a bit more.

Your experience with this frame has a ring of familiarity to it because I just couldn't get a lot of juice from my Radicals, which I strung with 17 ga. syn. gut at a few lbs. higher than yours. My serving motion is very well developed, but the Radicals couldn't seem to really drive my shots or make too much spin for me in general.

My current favorites (going on a few years) are my Volkl C10's, but these racquets have a bit of a unique personality. You may want to look into some of Volkl's other models, including the Organix 10's, or simply try a heavier option from Head like a Prestige MP. Since your strokes are more old-school, you may find that a frame with some manageable extra heft can deliver some better performance. If you swing more through the ball than across it like the more modern hitters, the weight of the racquet can thump the ball rather well without your needing to take a massive slash at it.
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