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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
wtf 106 tourneys? wtf? Did he play every 2nd day of the week?
I was familiar of the 64 number of titles though that's still crazy good.

Why only 2 year ending titles though?
a WCT Final win over Vilas in 176 and 2 Masters wins.

In 79 he defeated, one day after the other, worldīs nš 5 (Roscoe Tanner), nš 3 (Jimmy Connors) in the rr then nš 2 (John Mc Enroe) in the semis and, in the final, overwhelmed worldīs nš 4 (Gerulaitis)

In 1980, he defeated worldīs n5 (Clerc) and nš 2 (Mc Enroe) in two cosnecutive days in the rr portion,In the semid he beat Jimmy Connors, worldīs nš 3 and, in the final, a straight set win over worldīs nš 4 (Lendl).

I doubt ay other player in history has been able to do that, two years in a row.It is almost as rgeat as his three channel slams, when old clay and old grass with only 2 week s of adjustment.He did it three years in a row.
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