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Like i said in my first post, it matters the level you are playing at. What you are describing does not work as well the better guys you play. Its just not that simple any more to loop spin unless you are in amazing shape and an constantly hit very heavy looping shots for 2 hours. Id rather mix it in a little and vary trajectories.

Also the smart targets are great spots to hit at, and are the places i am putting the ball as well many times. A great way to attack those areas are with lower trajectories because you take away time and put the ball in a challenging spot.

Finally the increased risk does not mean i am hitting at top speed. It is not high risk, it is just a little increased to apply more pressure.

Just hitting crosscourt is safe, and i do it sometimes, but if you can expand to inside out on the other side, and hit your fh and bh dtl as well, you gain a big advantage in rec tennis. A solid dtl backhand is a game changer.
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